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I love books that take me to some place different and new and interesting. I love characters, they're the reason I keep reading. Intriguing people in interesting, sometimes, heart wrenching situations keep me addicted.

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Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction - Morgan Grant Buchanan, Claudia Hall Christian

 An honest book about her life that includes the good with the bad. And the last section deals a candid account of her battle with alcoholism and her testimony for the Sinclair Method. There is last section with one of the doctors explaining and plugging the method.  It's a bit of evangelizing, but hey- it might save someone.


She's honest with her failures, faults and her positive attributes. She's honest about  her inability to stay in a relationship for longer than three years and you learn more about Angus Macfadyen- mostly bad- than I ever thought I would know. Cliff Robertson doesn't come out looking good in this either.  And there's an interesting tidbit about sharing blow and having a one night stand with George Clooney. 


Sometimes this feels more like a survey than an exhaustive memoir or autobiography. Some lovers just breeze through and you don't get a chance to complete understand their narrative.